2024 Ipswich Spring Garden Competition

Grow, Show, and Let Your Garden Glow


2024 Ipswich Spring Garden Competition

Grow, Show, and Let Your Garden Glow

Welcome to the 2024 Inaugural Ipswich Spring Garden Competition hosted by the Rotary Club of Ipswich City! Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and community green spaces during the weekend of September 7-8, 2024.

Mark your calendars for a weekend filled with blooming gardens, creativity, and camaraderie. Our competition aims to showcase the diverse talents of gardeners in Ipswich City.

Launch Event


May 9th, 2024




Ipswich Event Centre, Ipswich Showgrounds


Judging Categories

Residential Gardens

Transform your backyard into a personal oasis. Showcase your unique style and passion for gardening in our Residential category.

Commercial Gardens

Calling all businesses with green thumbs! Demonstrate how commercial spaces can be transformed into vibrant, welcoming landscapes.

Native Gardens

Cultivate a haven that echoes Ipswich’s natural heritage – the Native Gardens category invites you to showcase the rich tapestry of local flora and fauna, celebrating biodiversity and environmental stewardship right in your backyard.

School Gardens

Inspire the next generation of gardeners. Schools, show us your green initiatives and educational garden projects.

Community Gardens

Strengthen the bond within your neighborhood. Participate in our Community category and highlight the collaborative efforts of local communities in creating beautiful shared gardens.


Turn your garden into a seasonal canvas! The Annuals category encourages you to paint a vibrant and ever-changing masterpiece with temporary blooms, transforming your outdoor space into a captivating display that evolves with the passing seasons.

Our Judges

David Le Goode

well known horticulturist and gardener. Erstwhile weekly contributor of the Gardening column to the Queensland Times. Host of Spring Gardens competition through the 80’s and 90’s.

Dane McQueen

Principal Officer, Parks and Sport, Ipswich City Council

Judging Criteria



General Presentation & WOW Factor

30 Points

Planning & Layout
  • e.g. blending with surrounding areas, plant arrangement, drawing attention to highlights

20 Points

Breadth & Depth of plant varieties creating cohesive theme
  • Native annuals, fruits, vegetables etc

20 Points

Health & Vigour of plants
  • Colour and posture, new growth, maturity

10 Points

Sustainable cultivation and water conservation strategies
  • mulching, weed control, pruning

10 Points

Unusual and unique features
  • e.g. rare plants, bird baths, fountains, manicured gardens.

10 Points


100 Points


A big thanks to our fantastic sponsors who are making our gardening competition even more thrilling with some fantastic prizes! For the green-thumbed winners in each category, there’s a bounty of goodies waiting. Shoutout to the dedicated runners-up – your efforts won’t go unnoticed either. And to the garden that steals the show as the ultimate champion, get ready for a special surprise just for you!


1. Grand Champion Garden


2. Category Winner


3. Category runner up


Winners will be presented prizes on Wednesday 4th September at 7am. This will take place at the Ipswich Civic Centre


Thank You To Our Partners

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Be a vital part of the 2024 Inaugural Ipswich Spring Garden Competition, proudly hosted by the Rotary Club of Ipswich City, by becoming a valued sponsor.

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Grow, Show, and Let Your Garden Glow!

Join The Competition!

    Terms and Conditions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Category should I Enter?

    Choose the category which you feel best describes your garden and highlights your endeavours

    What is the Entry Fee?


    What provisions have been made to transport attendees?

    The addresses of winning gardens will be published. A coach will be available to transport visitors on show day, Sunday 8th September

    Who is responsible if someone falls or injures themselves within my garden?

    All submissions for entry must be accompanied by details of public liability insurance.

    Can an entry fee be levied for visitors?

    Perhaps a gold coin but only on a voluntary basis and preferably directed to a local charity established by the garden club

    When will the winners be notified?

    During the week preceding Presentation night Saturday 7th September.

    Do I require Public Liability Insurance to Enter my Garden?

    All entrants in the competition are required to hold and provide a copy of their Public Liability Certificate.

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